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PlanetSide 2 Receives Event System and More In An Update

Planetside 2 Event Update - image

First-Person MMO PlanetSide 2 received a new update that will introduce three new weapons alongside new events and a revamped construction system. “Continent Events” are new and have been added to offer a little diversity to battles. This is kicked off with “Aerial Anomaly”.  Facility events will send players to control the most facilities of a type before a 30-minute timer wears down. During this particular event, you’ll gather readings for your faction, and air vehicles will be free to spawn (which is great because these are in the air)! Empire-specific Battle Rifles are now available to all classes. The new Battle Rifles focus on slow, paced shots with high accuracy at medium to long range. These weapons follow closely behind the Empire-specific LMGs that were released earlier this year. There will be more events like this in the future. Construction has also received an update/overhaul that hopes to encourage interaction between builders. In addition, three new objects have been added:

  • The Flail: An artillery piece that launches a barrage of anti-vehicle shells to a designated location.
  • Pain Spire: A defensive tower that sets infantry alight if they get too close.
  • Routing Spire: Acts as a terminal from which players can equip a deployable spawn point to use at other bases.
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