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Lucent Heart brings MMO dating to North America

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Lucent Heart, Gamania Digital Entertainment’s dating MMORPG, has been announced for a North American audience.

The MMO will offer classic RPG elements including advanced classes, a complex zodiac system, bosses, dungeons, pets, and mounts. It also supports a “Cupid Service” matchmaking system that includes special date dungeons, matchmaking features, and a horoscope system – and, of course, a wedding system to celebrate the happy couple.

In preparation for launch, a contest is being held to find the real face of Lucent Heart, the official Lucent Heart Girl – with $1,000 and modeling opportunities as a prize.

Gamania also publishes Hero:108 Online.

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The search is on for the official “Lucent Heart Girl” – a chance to be an official game idol and win $1,000 cash prize!

IRVINE, Calif. – October 20, 2010 – Gamania Digital Entertainment announced today that their highly anticipated Dating MMO, Lucent Heart, is coming to North America for everyone with a beanfun! account. Having already won the prestigious “Best Game” and “Best Rookie” awards in Japan, Lucent Heart is an original MMO by developer PlayCoo games that was built from the ground up to set the standard in Dating MMORPGs.

“We knew we needed to bring Lucent Heart, one of the most popular Dating MMOs, to our North American fan-base, after the overwhelmingly positive response to the game overseas,” said David Wong, COO of Gamania. “We are finally able to offer an authentic romantic online experience that gamers have been missing in current western MMOs.”

To spread the love, Gamania Digital Entertainment is holding a large-scale contest to find its next big star – the official Lucent Heart Girl. Any enthusiastic female looking to make her claim-to-fame should apply. The winner receives a big cash prize, incredible modeling opportunities, exciting press coverage, and the honor of representing Lucent Heart for its North American launch.

In Lucent Heart, players will not only find love with the help of their very own “Cupid Service”, they will have fun building new relationships and exploring the vast fantasy realm of Acadia, where action and excitement is around every corner.

Features include:

·         Cupid Service: Meet that special someone using the highly personalized “Love Match” system. Discover each other through an extensive array of matchmaking features and special date dungeons. Even have a full-fledged wedding with invitations, a church ceremony, rings, and bridal/groom wear.

·         Zodiac System: Special skills, daily “horoscope” enhancements, and the ability to transform into a powerful “Zodiac” form – all based on the players birthday and star sign. Players can look forward to a unique experience every day.

·         Robust RPG Gameplay: Four base classes and eight advanced classes to choose from, all with different skills and Zodiac effects. Explore dungeons and labyrinths, take down bosses with friends, pets, and mounts – all of the fantasy RPG fun players know and love.

Hopeless romantics and battle-hardened warriors alike will soon get a sneak peek of the magical world of Acadia. Stay tuned for detailed sign-up information in November. Until then, keep an open heart and check out

Contest Details:

Can’t wait for the upcoming release of Lucent Heart? Dreaming of a chance to be in the spotlight? Be a part of Lucent Heart’s Dating MMO takeover and become Gamania Digital Entertainment’s star girl. Don’t miss out on the great opportunity to be the game idol and official representative of Lucent Heart. Be featured in press coverage and even model at future conventions – don’t forget the big $1,000 cash prize!

Just follow the directions below to apply.

1.    “Like” the Lucent Heart Fanpage
2.    Enter via the Contests tab on the Lucent Heart Page on Facebook.
3.  Submit a photo of yourself while holding up a hand-written sign with your first name and last initial or write your first name and last initial on your hand

Five finalists will be chosen by the  community when the voting period starts. The final “Lucent Heart Girl” will be chosen by Gamania Digital Entertainment. Entries valid from October 20th at 10am PST to November 20th at 11:59pm PST.

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