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‘Phantom of the Kill’ Mobile RPG Gets New ‘Elysium’ Quest

Phantom of the Kill Elysium Event - Main Image

We’ve reached the first year anniversary of the global version of Phantom of the Kill, and with it comes a new event quest based on the game’s main story. The ‘Elysium’ event is set in your dream, where monsters appear without warning. When all hope is lost, a long-haired maiden wielding a sword rescues you. From ruined, obliterated city to a field of flowers, you can remember nothing of your past. There’s no time to contemplate that, you must now destroy these abominations. Tyrfing is her name, and you’ve seen her before, somewhere…Chapter 1 of this Elysium event is available now, and more will become available later. It’s a gripping story that players will want to keep going forward with to see how it unfolds.

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