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Villagers and Heroes: The Grinchta Event Now Available

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A wintry wonderland has descended upon the Seven Realms! Tis’ the yuletide season, and Villagers and Heroes has been seized with the holiday spirit! What does this mean? How about gifts and goodies, elves and reindeer, twinkling lights along with some wicked delights, and a special snowy event zone known as ‘Grinchta’s Lair,’ where the notorious green beast himself awaits all those who dare to challenge him.

All players will be endlessly engaged in our jolly, though rather dangerous, Christmas zone. Whether it’s quirky quests, or exotic crafting recipes you seek, or perhaps the chance to claim one of the coveted ‘Nutcracker’ outfits, or maybe just the thrill of conquering formidable icy foes while gaining sumptuous gifts, there is something for everyone this holiday season in Villagers and Heroes. Come partake of the festivities here in the Seven Realms.

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