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Crusaders Quest September Update Now Live

The acclaimed Crusaders Quest has released its newest major update. The September update adds 30 new single player stages, 6 new heroes, 4 new skins, a new Goddess, and a limited time harvest festival collection event. It’s a great time to get back in the game!
The update highlights are:

  • Episode 7 Has Arrived!
    • 30 New Single Player Stages
    • Explore the new area: The Holy City
    • Get to the bottom of the disturbances!
    • Incredible new challenges for the most powerful!
  • A New Goddess!
    • A mysterious new Goddess has arrived…
    • Rumors say that she strengthens her allies.
    • Find her to unravel the mystery!
  • 6 New Heroes Added!
    • Overlord Borgos of Darkness – Warrior
    • Captain of the Gacha Rangers – Paladin
    • Ghost Princess Viola – Archer
    • Navy Admiral Scarlet – Hunter
    • Mystic Dollmaker Violet – Wizard
    • Ambassador Seiren – Priest
  • Hasla Harvest Festival Collection Event!
    • September 11th through September 25th
    • Collect Grapes in scenarios and dungeons
    • Grapes can be traded in for unique rewards!
      • Adorable Harvest Hero Skins!
      • Almighty Berries!
      • Guaranteed Great Chance Berry!
      • Powerful Harvest Breads!
    • Players with the most grapes get big bonuses!
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