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Christmas Cheer comes to Heroes Evolved

Heroes Evolved News -Christmas Image

A new hero is on the way to Heroes Evolved, E-Stein! He will even have a unique holiday skin, available for 30% in the bundle when he goes live. Vince will also be sporting a Christmas look, which is free in-game right now. There’s also a special discount for Sun Wukong’s “Warring Buddha” skin, only 99 tokens as of this moment. There are also new Pandora’s Boxes with new, fun prizes within. Then finally, there’s a fun Holiday Event coming soon, where players can collect Christmas¬†materials simply by playing the game.¬† Cool icons, nameplates and more await people who acquire these materials, and the Wishing Well has also been opened up. Simply log in, make a wish, and there’s a chance it’ll come true, granting you a Hero or Skin of your choosing. But it’s only live from December 20th through the 26th, so be ready!

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