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Christmas Cheer comes to Heroes Evolved

Heroes Evolved News -Christmas Image

A new hero is on the way to Heroes Evolved, E-Stein! He will even have a unique holiday skin, available for 30% in the bundle when he goes live. Vince will also be sporting a Christmas look, which is free in-game right now. There’s also a special discount for Sun Wukong’s “Warring Buddha” skin, only 99 tokens as of this moment. There are also new Pandora’s Boxes with new, fun prizes within. Then finally, there’s a fun Holiday Event coming soon, where players can collect Christmas materials simply by playing the game.  Cool icons, nameplates and more await people who acquire these materials, and the Wishing Well has also been opened up. Simply log in, make a wish, and there’s a chance it’ll come true, granting you a Hero or Skin of your choosing. But it’s only live from December 20th through the 26th, so be ready!

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