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PAX Prime 2013 Day 2 Recap: Guild Wars 2, Eon Altar, and Smashmuck Champions

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Cosplay Round-Up Part 3

Alice AttackOnTitanCosplay BatmanVillains ComboCosplay jayceSejuani LeagueAhriSorakaMFKatrina Lux MalzaharSonaAnnie NeoGothicCosplay QueenNidalee SailorPlutoVenus SpiderWaldo ViSejuani

We’ve got one more recap to go including a final cosplay recap so don’t miss our our Day 3 coverage of PAX Prime!

Catch our Day 1 Coverage? Check out Part 1 and Part 2 for info on Elder Scrolls Online, Forced, Strife, Everquest Next, Marvel Heroes, and WildStar!

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The second day of any major convention is always a tad bit slower than the opening day. Or perhaps you just are after having survived opening day.