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Chaos Chronicle Now Available Globally

Nexon has announced the launch of Chaos Chronicle, a free-to-play RPG on Android and iOS.

Chaos Chronicle features an active action battle system, encouraging players to strategize the timing of their attacks against enemies and other players in PvP.

Chaos Chronicle also features:

  • Skill Cancel System: Players master and deal massive double damage with a “Perfect Cancel” as they maneuver to assemble a troupe of strong heroes to fight for honor;
  • Many Ways to Play: Heroes traverse a mythical land in adventure mode, challenge players in a deep PvP battles, join forces to defeat mighty Raid Bosses, test limits in the Manatech Tower, and collect unique items alongside allies every day in the daily dungeons;
  • Gear Up, Rank Up, and Power Up: Players collect hundreds of unique heroes, complete quests to strengthen their House, and train hard to upgrade heroes faster;
  • A Tale of Twelve Heroes: An immersive storyline allows players to battle alongside heroes from all around the globe.

Chaos Chronicle is available for download now via mobile device from the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android worldwide in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Thai, French, and German languages.

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