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Pandora Saga open beta starts January 7th

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Atlus announced in an email to its players that Pandora Saga will begin open beta testing on January 7th. The beta will feature plenty of special events and giveaways yet to be announced.

Pandora Saga is already published globally in Malaysia, but this version will bring it west. The MMORPG features six races, four basic classes, and twenty-eight advanced classes. For more information about the game, check our Pandora Saga page.

Atlus Online also publishes Neo Steam.

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Atlus Online invites you to register for the Pandora Saga Open Beta, scheduled to launch with much mirth and fanfare on January 7th.The open beta follows a successful closed beta which included a number of group excursions into the game’s inhospitable wilderness as well as a plethora of GM-run events and a sneak peek at the breathtaking 600-player battles. There will be lots of special events and giveaways happening during Open Beta so check the forums for details!

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