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Novus AEterno Updates on Steam Keys and Future Plans

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Novus Aeterno Artwork

Tailtale Studios has posted a new developer blog today for its Kickstarter followers, detailing the current state of Novus AEterno’s development and its roadmap.

The team’s current development focus is on bug fixes, optimization, and UI polish. Taitale has also completed its key binding system, and will be revamping universe generation to make systems larger and moons colonizable. Resources will also be added to areas in preparation for Syndicate and Crafting.

Novus AEterno plans on opening its live server near the end of November or beginning of December to all players who hold a Steam Key through Kickstarter.

On the development road map are also the following points:

  • A new chat system, including a unique friends list, whispering, and group chat.
  • A new Universe generator.
  • Syndicates & Work Orders, allowing players and groups to take contractual jobs.
  • Planet Defense Sectors, which can be used to defend space around your planets.
  • Verunas, a new playable slimy race that plays tiny instruments.
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