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New update launched for Shot Online

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GamesCampus has released a major update for Shot Online, offering new features and a seasonal event for players to enjoy.

The new Swift Stroke Mode shortens wait time between player turns, letting players shoot simultaneously until they reach the green. This mode switches back to turn-based once on the green, following traditional turn rules for golf, but still helps speed up the gameplay in multi-player modes. Guild Levels have also been raised to a new cap of S10, where they were previously at S5. Each level increases positions and inventory space.

Shot Online is also releasing a temporary Halloween-themed square and events, including a new themed mask, and a chance to sneak a peek at the United Cup tournament coming in Winter.

GamesCampus also publishes MLB Dugout Heroes, Heroes in the Sky, and Legend of Edda.

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Swift Stroke Mode, A Guild Level Cap Increase, Halloween-Themed Events And Much More In Store For Shot-Online Players This Month

Sunnyvale, Calif. (October 20, 2010) – Leading online game publisher, (, announced today that its highly popular golf simulation, Shot-Online, has launched a major content update with a new Swift Stroke Mode, a Guild Level Cap Increase, New Halloween themed events and prizes and more. To learn more about Shot-Online and to download and play the game for free, players can visit

One of the new updates players can expect in Shot-Online is the new Swift Stroke Mode. This new feature shortens the wait time between players’ turns, giving the game a faster pace.  As soon as players begin a round, all players will now begin shooting simultaneously until they reach the green (previously players took turns).  Players will be able to see the location of the other players on the mini-map, as well as ball indicators on the actual field. Once all players reach the green, the game switches back to a turn-based mode with the players the furthest from the hole putting first.

In addition, Shot-Online players will now enjoy a Guild Level Cap Increase. This new feature gives users access to new content by increasing the cap and benefits of Guild Levels. Previously Shot-Online Guild levels went from S1 toS5 but now levels S6 through S10 have been implemented. With each Level, the maximum number of members will increase, and in addition, more positions will be open for submasters and there is more inventory space for the lockers.

In addition to the new game features, GamesCampus is celebrating the Halloween holiday with special events and prizes. Shot-Online will have a Halloween themed square and events including a new Halloween themed mask and a sneak peek teaser webpage for an exciting upcoming tournament (The United Cup) which will occur this Winter

“With the addition of the Swift Stroke Mode and the new Guild level Cap Increases, Shot-Online players can now expect a faster paced experience with access to new content and much more,” said Uyen Uyen Ton Nu, Head of Marketing for GamesCampus. “In addition, players can now participate in the ongoing United Cup.”

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