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EVE World Tour: 2019 Dates & Locations Announced

CCP Games is proud to announce the EVE World Tour of EVE Online, which is a global series of capsuleer conventions throughout 2019. The developer-led and player-centric EVE experience will come to New Eden denizens around the world, and working in close partnership with the community, CCP Games will bring tournaments, livestreams, in-game rewards, reveals and so much more to their audience. The official EVE World Tour locations are as followed:

  • Netherlands: EVEsterdam, Compagnie Theatre – March 23-24: With a keynote presentation, fans will receive a unique look at the universe of EVE Online as told by its developers. Players will make an impact in various ways and you can expect a party, worthy of Amsterdam’s nightlife afterwards.
  • Russia/Baltic Region: EVE St. Petersburg, Akakao – May 4: With one of EVE’s most passionate fanbases, EVE St. Petersburg will bring players from around the region together for a day of merriment, amazing developer-led sessions and exclusive content.
  • Australia: EVE Down Under, SMC Centre – May 23-26: Travel to Sydney to experience the unique Aussie community spirit, developer-led sessions, exclusive presentations and Q&As, as well as PvP tournament action and Sydney nightlife.
  • Canada: EVE North, Toronto – June 21-23: The first ever official EVE event in Canada will take place in beautiful downtown Toronto. Players will be able to experience PvP tournaments, presentations and a party that brings together EVE’s signature community.
  • Finland: Fanfest HOME, Kaimonsaari – August 23: A personal, home-sized version of the legendary Fanfest in a player’s living room. Yes, it’s crazy… but that’s nothing new for CCP.
  • Germany: G-fleet Berlin, AltMunze – September 13-14: Taking place in the heartland of PC gaming, exclusive developer-led presentations, PvP tournaments and a huge party await EVE fans in Berlin in September.
  • USA: EVE Vegas, Las Vegas – October 25-27: EVE Vegas has been the official tentpole event for EVE fans in Las Vegas for years, hence needs no introduction. Over one thousand EVE players descend on the city of sin for a few days every year to discuss important spaceship business and party. It breaks attendance records every time, and in 2019, it aims to be bigger and crazier than ever.
  • UK: EVE London, Indigo at the 02 Arena – November 23: Held at the world-famous 02 Arena, EVE London brings the classic pub-meet of legend into 2019 and puts it into overdrive. Expect a performance by Permaband and one huge party to cap off an amazing year of EVE Online.

We’ve been asking you to come and visit us in Iceland for years now, so it’s time we go and visit you both as part of some player-led events as well as some brand-new ones,” said Sveinn Jóhannesson Kjarval (a.k.a. CCP Guard), Senior Community Development Lead at CCP Games. “As promised at Fanfest 2018 and EVE Vegas 2018, we’re turning our Fanfest efforts up to eleven by packing our backpacks full of exciting updates, keynotes, exclusive content, PvP tournaments with a sprinkle of Permaband and taking all of this (and more!) closer to our community. So close, that with Fanfest Home, we’re actually going to hold a Fanfest at the home of one of our players.”

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