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Carbine Studios Debuts WildStar Loremageddon Series

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Wildstar Loremageddon

Back in September, the Carbine Studios Narrative Design team asked WildStar players to submit their lore questions via the official forums or directly to Creative Director Chad Moore (@Pappylicious) using #WSLoremageddon.

With hundreds of lore questions submitted, Chad has taken to the website to update the players on the project:

“Now that the dust has cleared, we are ready to show you what has been borne of this unforgettable lorepocalyspe. Prepare yourselves.

  • Starting today, we will be periodically releasing comprehensive lore about all of our playable races – presented in permanent web pages that will live on our existing web site.
  • There will also be a dedicated web page where we will answer random questions that were not directly related to races. As time goes on, this page will continue to grow as more questions are asked and more lore is written to answer them.

To start things out, we are now releasing the pages for the Aurin and the Mechari and more will be coming in the following weeks. You can check them out at the links below!”

Chad goes into much more detail in the post; for more information please click the links below.

There will be many more lore updates over the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned!

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