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MU Online’s Speed Event Server Season 3 Coming Soon

Coming soon to MU Online, Speed Event Server: Season 3 will begin and offer players double EXP to speed up the character leveling process up to level 650. This will last for four weeks and begin on March 13th, but in addition to EXP players will get their hands on some of the very best items. Wings of Conqueror, +11 Divine Weapon of Archangel (7 Days), Dark Transformation Ring (7 Days) and so much more. This server will go live after the weekly maintenance on Tuesday, March 13th (UTC). In the meantime, interested players can visit the official website and simply click the “Pre-register” button. All participants will get the Divine Archangel Weapon (3days) + the Wings of Conqueror (3Days) when the Speed Event: Season 3 Server goes live on the 13th of March. Additionally, players will be able to not only transfer their characters to the original servers (Helheim, Midgard, and Alfheim) for free, but also get upgraded rewards according to the character level achieved on the Speed Event Server 3, compared to the previous Season 2.

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