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RWBY: Amity Arena’s Pre-Registration is Now Open

NHN Entertainment and Rooster Teeth have officially begun the pre-registration for their mobile title, RWBY: Amity Arena. It will be available in Fall 2018 on Google Play and the App Store in certain countries. RWBY: Amity Arena will combine RTS with CCG elements for exciting, intense PVP battles. For a limited time, players can sign up for this event for special in-game items for when the official launch hits later on in the year. Set in the world of Remnant, players build Huntsman and Huntress teams based on their favorite Vytal Festival Tournament

Choose iconic RWBY characters or round out your team with White Fang combatants, Atlas tech, or creatures of Grimm. Collecting and upgrading cards will be key to building your desired RWBY team, and positioning these characters in the right spot to support their squad is important to securing victory. Fans of the RWBY series will delight in seeing the different biomes of Amity Arena. Players battle through the arenas and use each unique Semblance to claim victory in the tournament! Tremendous efforts were made over the last few months to balance the
characters to make it feel as true as possible to the original series.

“We appreciate that NHN has taken care to put characters that resonate with the fans into the game,” said Miles Luna, Co-Writer & Co-Director of RWBY. “They’ve been teasing it, but you’ll see Pyrrha Nikos, Roman Torchwick, and Penny all make their way into the game as playable characters at launch.”

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