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Webzen Soft-Launches FIRST HERO in Limited Countries

First Hero Softlaunch - Image

First Hero is a mobile strategy game for Android/iOS from Webzen, soft-launching in a few select countries. Canada, Latin America, and the Philippines will have access to this strategy game. Players can recruit legendary heroes from history to test their skills in dynamic and strategic battles. While players build their base and fight battles, they will be able to gather and enhance heroes, and collect a variety of rewards from winning battles. Players may also control their heroes in battles to expand their domain and join or form Alliances to unite with other players to fortify their empire. As for rewards, players will be able to receive daily bonus rewards when logging into the game every day.

Additionally, WEBZEN introduced a new mobile game community PLUG, which is a place for all players to post opinions, guides and questions, the latest notices, events, and patch notes. Interested players are invited to check it out below.

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