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MU Online Announces New Expansion

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Webzen has announced that MU Online will launch its latest expansion, EX 700, on May 31.

The new expansion introduces the Elemental System, where five elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Darkness) can be found attached to equipment. These items will then affect their opposites in PvE and PvP. Also in the update is the new map Archeron, the new Arca War guild war system, and 100 new Master Levels (up to 300).

The update will also launch a new server, Yggdrasil, which will play host to a global PvP tournament starting June 7. All servers will also enjoy free items and a 200% experience boost on the expansion’s launch.

Webzen also publishes Archlord and Continent of the Ninth.

MU Online: EX700 Trailer


MU Online: eX 700 Expansion Update


WEBZEN Inc. (WWW.WEBZEN.COM), the Next Generation of Free-to-Play Online Games, announced the expansion update, ‘EX 700’, for the MMORPG ‘MU Online’.

On May 31st, WEBZEN will reveal the MU Online expansion update, ‘EX’ 700’, which contains new contents including new maps, items and the guild war system. Last week during the User Beta Test, participants had given many positive responses increasing the anticipation for other users.

In the new expansion, the 200 Master levels are increased to 300. Therefore, the existing master skills will be initialized with this renewal. Also, the new map ‘Archeron’, will be revealed for the first time along with the guild war system, ‘Arca War’. Additionally, the Elemental System with the five elements, ‘Water, Fire, Wind, Earth and Darkness’, will be added. When elemental items are equipped, opposite elements will be affected in both PVP and PVE.

With the update, a new server, ‘Yggdrasil’, will be open for service. In the new server, the global PVP tournament will be held with prizes worth $15,000 (USD) in cash items while registration for the tournament will start from June 7th through the official MU Online website (

Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing, said, “This expansion update is one of the largest updates throughout MU Online’s history with new contents that include the ‘Arca War’.” Also, he said, “One of our main points of this update is to fulfill the user’s need which is possible with the wide experience accumulated over a decade of servicing MU Online.”

Meanwhile, for the opening event of ‘EX700’, free cash items and unique items will be given away to new members along with a 200% EXP boost event for all users.

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