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Tales of Pirates II reveals Astral Isle

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Tales of Pirates 2 will soon be releasing a new map, The Astral Isle, which will add four new pieces of 125 gear and five new skills to master the content.

The Astral Isle Teleport Stone must be purchased from the Weird Hat Seller in Argent City. Inside, monsters level 120-145 roam, with all four elements represented,  including Efreets, Ember Birds, Icewolves, Forest Spirits, and Stone Keepers. The Isle also hosts a labyrinth, which offers the final Gate Fiend boss.

Tale of Pirates II is published by IGG, which also publishes Angels Online, GodsWar Online, and Freesky Online.

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TOP II: Previewing the New Astral Isle

IGG recently revealed that a new map will soon go live in the hit 3D MMORPG known as Tales of Pirates II. The Astral Isle is a new area featuring a magical blend of arcane and astrological elements. It also has an otherworldly, apocalyptic vibe unlike any of TOP II’s familiar locations. Among the content additions players will find 5 powerful new skills and 4 types of awesome Level 125 gear. However, to find them, the game’s intrepid pirates will need to brave numerous final-stage boss monsters. After all, nobody said a pirate’s life would be easy!

Exciting Challenges Beckon
With the help of an energy-infused teleportation stone, pirates can journey to the Astral Isle and begin their adventures. To get an Astral Isle Teleport Stone, players will need to purchase them from the Weird Hat Seller in Argent City. The NPC will also provide players with an Astral Isle map and information on the all-new Skill Cards.

Though some map features look similar to existing areas in Tales of Pirates II, many unknown perils lurk within the depths of the Astral Isle. Throngs of deadly monsters call it home. The weakest of these are above Level 120, and some are an astounding Level 145. Even the most seasoned pirates will need all the help they can get as they traverse this perilous place.

Deadly Monsters Abound
Those who are brave enough to venture to the Astral Isle will be greeted by a cracked, volcanic landscape. Dangers are everywhere from the very first steps you will take into this wasteland. After fending off fiery attacks from Efreets (Level 123), Ember Birds (Level 122) and Fire Elemental Salamanders (Level 135), you will then encounter snowy terrain reminiscent of Icicle Castle and frosty onslaughts from Icewolf Sentries (Level 125), Icewolf Scouts (Level 125), Icewolf Berserkers (Level 125) and Water Elemental Undine (Level 135).

If all that fails to slow you down, you can next expect to discover meadows that at first seem deceptively tranquil, but be warned: the springs and fountains encircling the meadows harbor menacing creatures such as Forest Souls (Level 127), Forest Spirits (Level 127) and Forest Boars (Level 127). Bold buccaneers who get that far will come to a Mayan-like stone gate. To unlock the mysteries beyond the cryptic doorway, players must accept the challenge of the Stone Keeper (Level 130).

Venture into the Labyrinth
A colossal maze is hidden deep within the Astral Isle. You will need to keep your wits about you to survive long once inside. Many adventurers will soon be hopelessly trapped within its convoluted twists and turns. To make matters worse, ghastly boss monsters lie in wait to ambush anyone who approaches one of the numerous false exits they have set up to lure in unsuspecting pirates. If you survive, the ultimate horror can be found at the very end of the maze. The enraged Gate Fiend (Level 145) is eager to end your journey. If you prove up to the task of overcoming so many arduous trials, wondrous rewards may be yours. Get ready to log in to Tales of Pirates II and embark on a legendary adventure on the Astral Isle!

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