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Master of Eternity Cheerleader Costume Event Begins

MOE Cheerleader Event Promo Art

Master of Eternity (M.O.E.) has received a new update, featuring the Cheerleader Costume Event which runs for a limited time.

Per press release, the Cheerleader Costume Event boasts several new features, including:

  • Exclusive Costumes – Unlock two new cheerleader costumes through gems and a special mission event to customize M.O.E.’s Pixies;
  • Festive Sales – Take advantage of rare sale prices of suits, generic seeds and parts for the limited-time New Year’s sale;
  • Weekly Special Events – Play the Galactic Pension Expedition during weekdays and Ancient Relic Loot Battles during weekends to acquire modified materials and items;
  • Premium Modification Package – For the duration of the event, the component quantity of existing sales products increases.

The update is available on iOS and Android.


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