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Tower of Ascension Introduces Player versus Player Combat

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Tower of Ascension

WarpPortal is excited to announce their latest update to the iOS smash hit: Tower of Ascension! That has introduced the much anticipated all-new player versus player combat system, and allowing for the ease of Facebook to login and play! The Update is currently live and event details are here.

Update Features:

  • – Facebook Log in system added.
  • – Battle Arena(PVP) system added.
    • — Normal and Ranking Battles
    • — Special gamble monster cards added for each class.
    • — New map “Candy land” added.
    • — New costume items added.
    • — Spirit system balance patched.
    • — Class balance patched.

Tower of Ascension is completely free to download and play. You can also enhance your game play with purchases from the “Shop” in the game through the App Store (iOS).

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