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Magic: the Gathering Arena Open Beta Goes Live Today

MTG Arena - Open Beta - image

Wizards of the Coast released Magic: the Gathering Arena into its Open Beta today, that is free to download for everyone. Players in North America, Australia, and South America can download an all-new experience on Windows PC. Magic: the Gathering Arena was developed in-house and fans of the game will be immediately familiar with the card game. Players can dive right into Quick Play and Competitive play using one of five carefully built decks earned in the tutorial and can customize their decks with a list of extensive cards. Players can battle each other for rewards including in-game currency, cards, and booster packs.  Players can also earn an additional five pre-built decks by completing daily quests.

“Magic: The Gathering Arena is the future of digital Magic,” said Jeffrey Steefel, Vice President of Digital Development at Wizards of the Coast. “Our passionate Magic players have provided valuable feedback throughout Closed Beta allowing us to evolve and refine the game. We are humbled by the amount of support we have received so far and look forward to sharing the Arena experience with even more gamers online.”

Features of Open Beta:

·       GUILDS OF RAVNICA  Magic: The Gathering’s latest card set will be available on Sept. 27 at Open Beta release.

·       SPECIAL IN-GAME SINGLETON EVENT – All Open Beta players will have access to a special Singleton constructed event on us (it won’t cost gold or gems to enter) from September 27 through October 1

·       SEALED FORMAT – Magic: The Gathering’s format where players build a 40-card deck from six unopened booster packs, is introduced to Magic: The Gathering Arena.

·       REDEEMABLE CODES – Starting with Guilds of Ravnica’s physical release, retail product from the tabletop card set will contain codes redeemable in Magic: The Gathering Arena in select regions.

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