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Mabinogi to launch Goddess of Light expansion in June

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Mabinogi has announced that its next major update and expansion, Goddess of Light, will go live in June.

The expansion will introduce a new area named Tara, capital city of the Aliech Kingdom, and home to both typical shops and player services as well as an auction house and a jousting arena. Another new area will allow players to create royal jelly, honey, and pollen from the honeycombs that fall from trees.

More details will be revealed as Mabinogi prepares for the release.

The Original Press Release:

Let The Light Shine In

Goddess of Light is the next major expansion coming to Nexon America’s fantasy life MMO, Mabinogi

Players can continue to enter and explore a vast and growing world in Mabinogi, which continues to grow with the announcement of the upcoming expansion, “Goddess of Light,” for the fantasy life massively multiplayer online role playing game.

A major part of this new update will be a brand new area called Tara.

Tara is the capital city of the Aliech Kingdom, which includes Dunbarton, Emain Macha, and Tir Chonaill. Much like other cities, there are banks, general stores, smithies, and clothing stores. A brand new style of shop, the auction house sells rare items in a bid-style format between players. There is jousting grounds and another hub for Shadow Missions that involve the new city.

Between Tara and Taillteann is the small gully of Corrib. This is a particularly beautiful area, containing lush foliage, waterfalls, and trees containing honeycomb. Players may use the honeycomb that falls from tress to produce royal jelly, honey, and pollen.

Nexon America will be celebrating the upcoming release as it plans for the scheduled update in early June. Throughout the month of May, Nexon will be unveiling what new places there will be to explore, the skills players will have to learn and hobbies to take up in a fantasy life. Nexon will be constantly hosting contests and chances to win Premium Character Cards, 2X Experience bonuses and more.

Players can immerse themselves further into the fantasy life by liking Mabinogi on Facebook or seeing more of the game at YouTube.

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