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League of Legends Confirms (Not) Ao Shin

League of Legends Confirms (Not) Ao Shin header

In a developer post today, Riot Games confirms that its long-awaited dragon champion, Ao Shin, will be coming to League of Legends – sort of.

Ao Shin has been anticipated since 2013, but the community’s been met with silence. Now, Riot is confirming that it will not be releasing Ao Shin as he has been known, but will release a dragon champion in the first half of 2016 known as Aurelion Sol (name not final).

Ao Shin had been shelved for a while due to the entire concept being a development roadblock due to his initial kit, movement issues, and thematic roots. In short, Ao Shin just never “fit” into League of Legends.

The new champion will aim to deliver that epic dragon champion experience, and Riot promises more news soon.

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