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League of Legends Mid-Season Magic Revealed

League of Legends Mid-Season Magic Revealed

League of Legends is preparing for its mid-season intermission, when it’s time to push significant updates to the game before the second stretch of the competitive MOBA scene. Today, they released a teaser highlighting some of the major updates coming to the game.

This mid-season is going to be focusing on mage champions, with a goal “to bring distinction, cohesion and, yes, game health to the mages.” On the list for some changes are Malzahar, Brand, Vladimir, Zyra, Vel’Koz, and Cassiopeia (and more.) Meanwhile magical items will offer more tactical choices rather than simply boost stats.

Dragons will also be seeing an overhaul with the new elemental dragon system. One of four elements will spawn in the first 35 minutes, and after its death, the map will reveal the next element to spawn. Elemental buffs will stack with each other making gaining them all that more useful. After 35 minutes, these dragons become more difficult Elder Dragons that grant even more powerful bonuses on their defeat.

Get the full early breakdown on the mid-season updates, visit this page.

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