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Jade Dynasty makes localization fixes

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The Jade Dynasty blog has posted the patch notes for a recent patch that made a significant amount of localization fixes. The changes were made to clarify many quests and tooltips in the game.


  • Clarified the Bloodsmelting interface by marking the three boxes Primary, Secondary and Medium.
  • Improved wording on the Help information for Bloodsmelting that can be viewed by clicking the ? button in the top corner of the Bloodsmelting interface.
  • Improved the wordingon most Bloodsmelting Mediums.
  • Fixed the chat message result when Bloodsmelthing to no longer have squares in place of the resulting Esper’s name.
  • Corrected grammar of Event window when logging in to no longer say “1 Times Everyday.”
  • Confirmation dialogues for logging out and exiting the game now have Yes and no answers instead of Done and Cancel.
  • Corrected Daily Event listing for Celestrial Trial to display the correct 2 times per day instead of 5.
  • Edited dialogue for Athan Battleground Vendor so that it no longer contains a square symbol or wraps by one letter.
  • Reworded all quests in Battlegrounds that involve trading Earthprime Beads for Battleground-specific buffs.
  • Corrected Skysong Dispatcher quest “Challenge Yourself” to no longer state that there is a time limit.
  • Reworded remaining Pet skills: Dami Gloom, Clear Sight, Celebration Wish, Scarred Earth, Drunken Shout, Wild Lie, Sink Hole, Tree Shade, Rend, Smash Strike, Concentration, Upstream Current, Predestined Fate, Happy Daze, Sincere Prayer, Prickle, Gathering of Spirits, Bowan Streamflow, Prophesize, Suffering of Akasha, Provoke, Lucky Misfortune, Extinguish, Reegsly Fireshield, Defender, Meridian Passage, Trueflame Coal, and Link Up.
  • Clarified wording on the following Vim Tome skills: Infuse Kang Mo, Swiftness, Incandescence, Fire Dance, Bingsi Chill, Fire Proficiency, Criminal Intent, Fright, and Soul Corruption.


  • Added the Beast Pinata Pet Pack, which includes the Cloud Tiger Pet, 1 Miradrake Orb and 10 Eera Herbs.
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