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Elsword Launches Year’s Biggest Update with 3rd Job First Path

KOG Games is proud to announce that their biggest update of the year for Elsword launched today: 3rd Job First Path Update, which introduces a 3rd Job class for each Job path. This is but the first of three major updates that will be announced early next year. 37 new job classes in total, each update will usher in a new Job for every character for each Line. There are huge additions coming with this and it promises to completely change up how people play Elsword, and offer veterans to newcomers alike something new to try out.  Today there will also be a new dungeon in the form of Forgotten Elrian Sanctum. First and second Job Advance items are also free, and a Visual Update comes to every character (except Rose/Ain) and have had their feet/hands resized for aesthetic improvement. There are also a host of events, like in-game items, 2x EXP in PVP arena and much more.

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