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Iris Online launches Tears of Arcana

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Iris Online has launched its next major patch, dubbed “Tears of Arcana.”

The update increases the maximum level to 65, and introduces two new field maps (Nightfall Shelter and Ursadine Highlands) as well as the Elite Monster Map Colossus Shadowfields and Wood Garden Hard Mode. The new content also comes with new items and quests.

Also introduces is an accessory imprinting system, item forging, an armor exchange, and improved auras and spell effects.

Iris Online is published by Gala-Net (gpotato) which also publishes AIKA Online, Allods Online, and Luna Online.

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  • Patch list
    a. Maximum character level increased to 65
    b. New Field Maps
    – Nightfall Shelter
    – Ursadine Highlands
    c. Elite Monster Map
    – Colossus Shadowfields
    – New theme dungeon
    Wood Garden Hard Mode (LV 60 – LV 65)
    – Accessory Imprinting System
    – Item Forging
    – Armor Exchange NPC
    – New items and quests
    – Error fixes and improved some backend systems
    – Improved Weapon Auras
    – Improved Spell Visual Effects
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