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Heroes Arise Second Beta Coming in 2023

Heroes Arise Beta Announcement

As reported on Facebook, Heroes Arise is ending its first open beta, and will prepare to have its second beta in 2023. The official post said:

In the First Beta test, Heroes Arise has attracted over 100,000 players. Each piece of feedback on Heroes Arise is valuable and helps the game focus on both its technical and gameplay goals.

Heroes Arise will continue to improve its gameplay experience, with lower network delay and a more balanced system. Also, new heroes and skins will be added.

Keep the Heroes Arise app on your phone, so it will auto-update to the new version by then. If you participate in the First Beta by using “Guest Login”, DON’T UNINSTALL the app, otherwise you won’t be able to receive any veteran rewards in the coming test. We highly recommend you bind your Facebook/Google account to keep your progress in the game. (No binding is needed if using Huawei account.)

A reservation event for Heroes Arise Second Beta is coming soon, so keep an eye on Heroes Arise Facebook to get the latest updates and tons of gifts!

See you on the battlefield in early 2023!

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