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Frozen Flame Hosts Free Open Beta Weekend

Frozen Flame Open Beta Weekend

Publisher Ravenage and developer Dreamside Interactive invite players to join the Open Beta test of their multiplayer open-world survival ARPG Frozen Flame, which will be held from October 28th to 30th. Frozen Flame has been picking up steam since its initial debut at the Steam Next Fest this past summer, receiving eight NYX Awards. The team is aiming for Early Access launch before years’ end and this open beta during Halloween weekend is an opportunity for everyone to dive in and try it with friends.

Those who wish to participate can download the Open Beta from the Frozen Flame Steam page. No keys are required for access.
During the event, players will get a chance to explore the Cradle of Keepers and its secret dungeons, meet various NPCs, including the hidden ones, and face the creatures, inhabiting the dangerous, yet beautiful world of Arcana.
The flexible ability tree gives an opportunity to develop your character with fewer restrictions and swap between weapons you are comfortable with — no need to commit to a class like Mage, Warrior or Ranger for the entire game.
Detailed information on the OBT:
  • OBT opens on 28th October at 7am PT/ 10am ET
  • OBT closes on 30th October, 12am PT/3am ET

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