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Hellgate announces December event line-up

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The events for December in Hellgate Global have been announced. The holiday season for hunters include:

– 12 Days of Christmas, where players hunt down a specific item each of the twelve days for a chance at a special reward;

– Jump Start, granting experience boosts for new characters and accounts in Hellgate;

– Rookie Challenge, granting rewards to players who reach a specific level challenge;

– More Lucky Coupons, with rewards including more than armor.

Several system events, including Daily Supplies, Level and be Rewarded, and Condition EXP Bonus, will also return for the holidays.

Hellgate Global is published by T3Fun, which also publishes AIKA Online Global and Mythos Global.

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Hellgate Global Celebrates the Spirit of Christmas this December

Hellgate Global brings the best of the best with its highly rewarding events this Christmas Season

LOS ANGELES – November 30, 2011
T3Fun has announced today its series of events for December. Hellgate Global presents four new events that will surely keep players busy this Christmas season. As Christmas slowly approaches, players will find themselves stuffed and satisfied with the fun, challenges, and rewards these events bring:
12 Days of Christmas
In this event, players are tasked with hunting a specific item for each day of the “12 Days of Christmas.” The quantity and type of items to be hunted will differ each day. Players can expect big rewards for each task they complete.
Jump Start
Hellgate Global jumpstarts new players by giving out massive experience boosts for every new account created. New characters can now easily catch up with all the action in Hellgate Global!
The Rookie Challenge
Players will be challenged to level characters up to a specific level. If they can reach the assigned level during the event period, they will be rewarded.
Lucky Coupons
Lucky Coupons will make a return this December. This time around, rewards will not just be restricted to armor—the item list has now been improved and expanded! Hunt, loot, and gather this Christmas for these exciting new prizes!
Immediately after the Halloween season, Hellgate Global jumps right to the Christmas season with even bigger and better events. In addition to these new events, players can expect the return of Hellgate Global’s system events: “The Daily Supplies,” “Level and be Rewarded,” and “Condition EXP Bonus.” There is no time for rest as the fun never stops in Hellgate Global! Hellgate Global gets hotter and hotter as Christmas slowly approaches!

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