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Dragon Nest prepares Theater of War

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Dragon Nest’s next major update, “Theater of War,” is being scheduled for launch on Monday, November 21.

The update will focus primarily on PvP, updating some of the game’s current PvP modes. It will also introduce the new Protect-the-Captain mode, where team leaders are the ultimate asset to victory; free-for-all, letting up to 16 players battle it out in a death match; and a three-on-three Ladder mode. Ghoul Mode will also be improved, and medals and experience can now be granted from a player’s power bar if they choose.

Two new dungeons will also be introduced: Chaos Rift Kamala, for level 24+ on Abyss Mode only, and Chaos Rift Viera, an Abyss Mode dungeon for players at the level cap of 32. Both dungeons change their layout each time a player enters.

Dragon Nest is published by Nexon, which also publishes Vindictus and Mabinogi.

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Dragon Nest Players Prepare to Enter the “Theater of War”

Nexon releases new video showcasing upcoming PvP content, dungeons

Nexon is adding new player versus player (PvP) game modes and upgrades to Dragon Nest as part of a new content update, “Theater of War,” releasing next Monday. The update for its popular online action RPG will also include two challenging new dungeons for high level players and a host of other game improvements.

New fighting styles make their debut next week, and the game’s classic PvP modes will get a makeover as well. In the new Protect-the-Captain game mode, players must work together as a team to safeguard their team captain while pressing the offensive to eliminate the opposing team’s leader. Teamwork, coordination, feints and ruses are the tools necessary for the cunning team to win the day.

Also new to PvP is the free-for-all mode, where up to 16 players are cut loose to battle each other in a bloodthirsty brawl for supremacy. Players can fight, or they can fly, but they can’t hide forever in this fast-paced game mode. Additionally, a new three-on-three Ladder Mode has been added, wherein teams of three players face off against each other. The popular Ghoul Mode, introduced with last month’s Halloween update, is receiving a number of improvements. Players can now turn into mummy ghouls and access new ghoul skills, items and achievements. Finally, medals and EXP will be awarded should players wish to consume their power bar to do so.

Dungeon delvers also have a lot to look forward to with the “Theater of War” update. Located in the Garden of Eternity, Chaos Rift Kamala is a new dungeon for  level 24 players and above. Playable only on Abyss Mode, the game’s highest difficulty level, players are encouraged to take a friend (or few) along. Chaos Rift Viera is another new dungeon playable on Abyss Mode for players at the current level cap of 32. Unlike other dungeons, the layout in these two new dungeons changes every time a player enters presenting a fresh experience each time.

In addition to this content update, players will also have a slew of Black Friday deals to look forward to during the Thanksgiving weekend.

Developed by Eyedentity Games, Dragon Nest is published by Nexon America in the United States, Canada, and Oceania. For the latest news and information on Dragon Nest and to download and play for free, visit

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