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Guild Wars 2 Announces Weekend Update And Event

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ArenaNet has announced that it will launch a new mini-expansion and event this November 15 for Guild Wars 2.

The Lost Shores update will introduce a new zone for all level of players, a new dungeon, a new PvP map in a Kodan dojo, plus new gear and crafting recipes that will add a new resource and over 200 new recipes. Players will also be able to use the guesting system, allowing them to explore with friends on other servers free of charge and without transferring servers.

A one-time event will also take place from November 16 through November 19, promising to change Tyria with multiple stages that all players can participate in.

Players can also use a special refer-a-friend trial this weekend, from November 15-November 18. Players who have purchased the game can invite up to three friends to a free trial of the game during the time frame.

Guild Wars 2: The Lost Shores  Update Screenshots

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