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World of Tanks reveals tank trees

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New information has come from about its upcoming title, World of Tanks.

Players will begin the game by choosing a starter tank from either the Americans, Soviets, or Germans. From there, players will earn experience points and credits as they fight. These will enable players to buy modifications or battle units from the trees that the player has chosen to follow. Other nations will be added as expansions after the game’s release (currently slated for Fall 2010.)

Tank Trees:

The Original Press Release: reveals the first “what and how” details of World of Tanks unveils American, German and Soviet tank development trees for its innovative “World of Tanks” MMO reveals the first details on the “World of Tanks” MMO upgrade and development system for American, German and Soviet lines due in the release. From the development trees players will find out what combat units will be available in the release, as well as how they can reach the fighting vehicle of their dreams. The images of the tank trees are available at the official website of the game here .

In WORLD OF TANKS, there are more than 150 armored machines from pre-WW2 era up to the Korean War, which are organized into three trees according to the nation they belong to: America, Germany and the Soviet Union. On launching the game for the first time a player can select a “starter” vehicle from any of the three nations. While fighting in the WORLD OF TANKS, a recruit tanker receives experience points and credits which allow exploring and buying modifications or new battle units from the American, German or Soviet tree branches, which a player has chosen to follow.

“The legendary Soviet T-34 tank, the formidable German Tiger, as well as the lethal American Pershing are of major interest to tank fans of all ages and nations,” — says Victor Kislyi, producer of WORLD OF TANKS. “We are really glad to reconstruct realistic models and tactical features of these tanks in our Panzer MMO”.
After the release, plans to include tank trees of other nations in WORLD OF TANKS add-ons.

The game will be available as a free download and is expected to be released in Fall 2010.

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WORLD OF TANKS Debut teaser is available here:

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