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Guardian Goddess Idle RPG Released Globally

Neowiz has announced the global release of Guardian Goddess Idle RPG, developed by Rookie Project Co., Ltd.

via press release:

Guardian Goddess Idle RPG invites players into an immersive hack-and-slash adventure where they can enhance their skills by eliminating foes. With an impressive collection of 24 distinct equipment pieces including weapons, helmets, and armor, as well as a wide range of costumes for character customization, the game guarantees endless excitement and a strong desire to gather all the treasures.

In addition to engaging in hunting quests and bustling village activities, players can partake in various dungeon challenges, such as intense boss battles, strategic defense missions, tower climbing trials, and lucrative resource mining expeditions. The user-friendly interface of Guardian Goddess Idle RPG ensures that even newcomers to the idle RPG genre can effortlessly dive into the action. With over 20 visually stunning skills to master, players have the freedom to combine and utilize them at will.

What sets Guardian Goddess Idle RPG apart is its versatile gameplay options. Players can choose between manual control for precise combat maneuvers or activating the automatic mode for a more relaxed experience. Furthermore, an innovative online communication feature enables players to interact and socialize with fellow adventurers within the vibrant in-game village.

Learn more about the game, and its official launch bonuses, on the official website.

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