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Comanche – Gameplay Teaser Gamescom 2019

Critical security breach reported. Loss of classified military documents confirmed: The Blueprints for the advanced reconnaissance and attack helicopter RAH-66 Comanche have been leaked. The activity of a whistleblower is most likely. As a reaction, SACEUR has authorized THQ Nordic and Nukklear to continue with the production of “Comanche” as fast as possible to counter any possible threat and to start an “Early Access” program in early 2020.

The new Comanche also acts as a carrier of a specialized, non-hackable short-range drone. This will help out operations in high-risk environments. This is going to bring about a new era of helicopter warfare. Comanche is based on the legendary game franchise and will have an Early Access run, before the 2020 launch of the game. Each Comanche/drone set-up will have its own unique strengths and weaknesses, as well as fulfill an important role in the objective-based team-vs-team encounters.

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