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God of Destiny: Now in open beta

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God of Destiny

Wayi International held a special press conference declaring its self-production MOBA game ‘God of Destiny’ starts its open beta test on 18 June 2014. A further new map featuring 10v10 all-stars battle was live demonstrated at the press event coming with extraordinary visual and sound effects from every hero’ movements in the warfare.

God of Destiny (G.O.D) is a MOBA based on eastern and western mythologies which costs 3 years to produce. Even thought all heroes in the latest trailer came from Eastern classic stories, nearly 30 heroes derived from Norse, Egyptian and Greek mythologies are already or going to be updated by the end of this year.

At this press event, a further 10v10 new map called Flaming Mountain is first introduced besides the two existent 3-lane and single-lane maps, Asura Forest and Nether World Lane. This new map is especially developed to create an environment for players to get familiar with all characters’ attributes and abilities. The gameplay of Flaming Mountain focuses on point collection by occupying the altar, defeating the opposing team and the altar protector. No mana restriction here and the volcano can be triggered to erupt and kill the enemies nearby the altar by seizing the rune.

One more thing can be expected from the G.O.D lately, a signing ceremony will be held next week, which will finally reveal who G.O.D’s Chinese publishing partner exactly is to the market.

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