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Fortnite Announces 1M Dollar Winter Royale Online Tournament

Fortnite Winter Royale Announcement Splash Art

Epic Games announced that the next phase of Fortnite competitive play is coming: the Winter Royale Tournament. In it, 1,000,000 dollars will be up for grabs to players, and is a test for the Online Tournament system, coming next year. This is to help them gather information to prepare this next system. It consists of two parts, the Winter Royale Qualifiers, and the Winter Royale Finals, which has a total of 1,000,000 dollars up for grabs. There will be several chances for anyone to try and get a high score during the Winter Royale Qualifier days. The highest score you achieve during any event session will be the one that counts. As part of our ongoing competitive tests to prepare for the Fortnite World Cup, Winter Royale will use the same game settings as the currently available Pop-Up Cup.

The top performers in each region for NA and EU will be verified, and those players found eligible will be invited to participate in the Winter Royale Finals for their region. While this tournament will be restricted to NA and EU, we’re planning on holding other region-specific tournaments in additional regions in the near future. The Winter Royale competition dates are below:

  • WINTER ROYALE QUALIFIER (OPEN): 11/24/2018 – 11/25/2018

  • EUROPE WINTER ROYALE FINALS: 11/30/2018 – 12/1/2018

  • NORTH AMERICA WINTER ROYALE FINALS: 12/11/2018 – 12/12/2018

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