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Florensia ‘Birthday’ Patch adds New Zone and Quests

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In time for Florensia’s birthday, a new update for the game brings new adventures for the veteran and newbie alike.

Each class now has a new six or seven quests at the beginning of the game as new challenges to help them level and learn the game more. New class change quests are available in the middle tier to improve the second class change experience. And new content has been added for players above level 70: a new zone, Secret Laboratory, that offers a new Black Wizard boss and 20 quests. Droes Dungeon has also gotten a new boss (Raindeef), as well as the new Oblivion weapon set available only through Droes.

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The Original Press Release:

Florensia Receives a ‘Sea Monster’ of an Update

Maritime MMORPG’s Birthday Celebrated by Adding Boatload of New Content and Oblivion Boss Weapon Set

Burda:ic, a leading publisher of online games worldwide, today revealed details about the newest major update for maritime fantasy MMORPG Florensia. This latest patch arrives in time to commemorate Florensia’s birthday and is chock full of goodies for players of all levels, including new beginner quests, class-change quests, the opening of a new zone called The Secret Laboratory, and a new boss monster for Droes Dungeon! Small game fixes and new ninja costumes are also featured in this monster update to the world of Florensia.

Beginning players who would like to embark on new adventures now have an additional six to seven quests, per class, to challenge them. Middle-tier characters have new Class Change quests to experience as part of their second class change at level 40+. End-game content has also been added for players level 70+, including 20 quests inside The Secret Laboratory, a new zone that houses the evil Black Wizard.

A new boss monster for Droes Dungeon, Raindeef, has also been introduced to Florensia, and with it comes the new and powerful Oblivion weapon set. Players can earn the set by defeating the new boss or forge Oblivion weapons by gathering recipes and items inside the dangerous Droes Dungeon. Collecting the ingredients to create an Oblivion weapon or battling Raindeef are not easy tasks, so gather your party and be prepared for a monumental challenge!

For information on ways to obtain Oblivion weapons, including recipes, or the Black Wizard Robe, visit

For more information about the update, including the birthday deals in the Itemshop, and Florensia’s adventure-filled world, visit

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