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Knights Chronicle – Esna and Ruby Are Ready to Awaken

Esna and Ruby are ready to awaken in Knights Chronicle! But what’s a victory without a cute new outfit? These came in a new update for the anime-inspired mobile RPG, Knights Chronicle. This expands on the Awakening mechanic that was introduced back in Season 2, and players can use growth materials and a six-star version of either hero. This increases their stats, offers a new Awakened Passive Skill upon achieving the maximum Awakening level, and a new appearance. An Ancient Race known as the Dryans is represented as well, with a new Dryan hero to collect: Tarkus. To celebrate this update, players also receive a free 4-star SSR hero ticket and 200 crystals for logging in for seven days.

Other additions to Knights Chronicle include:

  • Apocalypse Level for Nina’s Advent Dungeon – Starting today, players can fight against the SSR-grade heroine Nina’s special Advent Dungeon with Apocalypse difficulty level and use only half the needed stamina for two weeks.
  • Arena Contents Update – The arena’s recharge period has been extended from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, which will reduce the players’ burden.
  • Boss Battle Update – Starting today, players can acquire more abundant rewards from enjoying Boss Battle contents.
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