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Firearm Era Expansion Unlocks For Ministry of War

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Snail Games is proud to announce that the latest expansion Firearm Era for their MMORPG Ministry of War has launched. In the expansion players can choose between China, Rome, Egypt, and Persia to expand their territories with military, cultural, and economic approaches to conquering the world!

Based on the Savage, Dark, Feudal, Castle, and Ages in previous versions, a sixth age is added to the expansion, the Firearm Era. In this age, players are also able to experience fiercer warfare with new units, such as Musketeers and Artillery. Compared with the previous ages, each country you choose may utilize these new firearm units, swiftly changing the tides of battle. There will not only be conflicts between older units and firearm units, but also between firearm units. This sixth age signals the changes of the Middle Ages, delving deep into the architecture of various cultural styles. The looks of firearm units have characteristics of this new age, as they will rule the battlefield and take a dominant position over older arms. Prepare yourselves for the Age of Firearms!

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