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EVE Online’s Lifeblood Expansion Fuels the Galaxy’s Fire

Eve Online - Lifeblood - Main Image

The massive new EVE Online expansion, “Lifeblood” is now free to all the hundreds of thousands of people in the EVE Universe!  From changes to raw resources, player-driven markets, and the various conflicts and cycle of creation to destruction that drives this community, there’s lots going on. Lifeblood delivers new technologies for resource acquisition in the form of Upwell Refineries, with expanded moon mining capabilities allowing players to blast huge surface chunks from moons, tractoring them in, and detonating them into lucrative asteroid fields for mining fleets to actively forage. The Empires are desperately contracting out pilots of all skill levels to participate in what can only be called “Resource Wars”, requiring player cooperation to load freighters with asteroid ore while defending against greedy space pirates. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Other features such as the list below are ready for you:

  • New players and veterans alike can more easily find purpose and wealth through rebalanced frigates, destroyers and cruisers, by participating in short-session cooperative gameplay in the Resource Wars, and by consulting a new tool called The Agency—an accessible scan of all nearby PvE opportunities.
  • Moon Mining is now a much more active and collaborative endeavor, providing varied gameplay for an exponential amount of players on all sides—whether miners or combatants, defenders or aggressors.
  • More high-level challenges have risen in the sudden appearance of Guristas Shipyards and their brand-new capital class vessels—the Caiman, Loggerhead and Komodo.
  • EVE’s commitment to its players continues in dozens of other Lifeblood additions and changes like the new Mining Ledger and Wagers on Duels.
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