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Era of Celestials Halloween Event Begins on Saturday

EOC Halloween Event -image

Era of Celestials is getting into the spooky season beginning on Saturday, with a Trick or Treat Event and a new Dungeon. Players can also head to a newly-themed King’s Continent capital, complete with a pumpkin farm where players can win prizes such as costumes and mounts. Players can grow a pumpkin on the farm for candy rewards, depending on the size of their pumpkin. That candy can be traded in for those Halloween vanity items and mounts. A new cross-server dungeon, the Sacred Ruins, are now also open for players to explore. Players over
level 700 can now group up and make their way through the many floors to defeat bosses for rare loot packs. There are also altars that can be activated for rewards, and relics that can be randomly found throughout the dungeon with legendary weapons.

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