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Entropia Universe Brings Forth Winter-Themed Quests, Monsters and Treasure

Entropia Universe - Merry Mayhem News - Image

Starting today, fans of Entropia Universe can get into the holiday spirit by doing battle with blizzards of evil enemies for valuable loot boxes. The annual Merry Mayhem has begun, and lasts until January 15th, giving players ample time to scour for valuable resources in this harsh winter. This year, Merry Mayhem is completely revamped, with ten separate categories each containing their own unique prize pools for players to collect. Participants will be tested with time-based combat against bosses and spawning creatures to hold the top spot in their category. Defeated enemies are stocked full of loot in the form of Mayhem Tokens, which can be exchanged for exclusive items from the Mayhem Token Vendor. If you need the rules for the event, they can be found in the link below.

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