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EA BattleForge launches Lost Souls update

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The Lost Souls update for BattleForge has gone live today. The update introduces the new Lost Souls edition of cards, which features 2 new factions, 120 new cards, including 28 units, 16 buildings and 16 spells. Crowd control and knockback have also been reworked, and there are some additional balance changes made which can be seen in the update notes below.

Update Notes:


  • The Lost Souls Edition is now available in the in-game store.
  • Increased rewards in ranked PvP and tome PvP (slightly more victory tokens).
  • Linked fire reworked
    • Currently all the linked fire support only goes to the one node which is fighting and closest to the action. This has changed in the beta.
      Now the support is evenly distributed among the fighting nodes, where each node can receive support from a maximum of up to five nodes (depending on upgrade level).
      See “Cards” for individual card adjustments connected to this.
  • Knockback reworked
    • Currently units that receive knockback all receive the same amount of knockback – independent from the distance to origin of the knockback. This has changed in the beta.
      Now the units receive less knockback the further they are away from the knockback’s origin. As a result the troops are spread less across the map after being pushed back.
  • Crowd Control reworked
    • The crowd control system has been reworked. Every entity debuffed by Freeze, Paralyze, Sleep (and variants) or Root will afterwards be only immune against this specific debuff (e.g. Freeze immunizes against Freeze ONLY). If one of the other above mentioned debuffs is casted upon an immune entity they will be handled according to a system of stacking diminishing returns:

      • The duration of every crowd controlling spell or ability casted on an immune entity will be shortened
      • The first debuff will be shortened to 50% of its usual duration, the second to 25%, the third to 12,5% etc. (6,25%, 3,125%)

      Example: A unit has been frozen and is now immune against Freeze. The enemy casts Paralyze onto it. While the usual duration of the paralyzing spell would have been 20 seconds it will now be reduced to 10 seconds instead.

Balancing Change: Deep One – Life points decreased 1650->1500 (value on upgrade level 2)
Balancing Change: Lost Shade – Damage increased 860 -> 1040 (value on upgrade level 2)

Swift medium sized units generalized: Now swift medium sized units only have trample if they are mounted units:
• Burrower lost trample
• Drones lost trample
• Swiftclaw lost trample
• Nightcrawler lost trample
• Dreadcharger gained trample

Due to the changes to the linked fire system, all linked fire cards have been reviewed:
• Spikeroot melee damage increased from 300 to 1200. Fixed a bug that in some cases he could not return fire at units with 30m range
• Thornbark melee damage increased from 700 to 1400, ranged attack from 400/600 to 560/840. Fixed a bug that in some cases he could not return fire at units with 30m range
• Razorleaf melee damage increased from 300 to 2550, ranged attack scatters a little more (5m -> 10m), damage decreased from 50/70 to 34/51
• Spore Launcher melee damage increased from 1200 to 2630, range attack damage decreased from 150/225 to 140/210
• Living Tower damage increased from 800 to 1140
• Howling Shrine Essence Bolts increased from 325/490 to 600/900

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