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Star Trek Online: Season 14: Emergence ft. Geordi La Forge Available

Star Trek Online unveils Season 14 – Emergence! It’s officially live and opens with the new featured episode “Melting Pot” which continues the story of the intensifying war with the Tzenkethi. Captains journey to the Dranuur Colony in the Alpha Quadrant. This brand-new colony world was established by the Kentari and Lukari, who recently joined forces to protect their ancient homeworld from the Tzenkethi. Lukari Captain Kuumaarke (voiced by Kipleigh Brown) and Captain Geordi La Forge (played by LeVar Burton) lead players on a mission to explore the new colony and see the newfound collaborative spirit between the Kentari and Lukari. While the tour and the colony look to be progressing well, the Tzenkethi may have other plans for this world! In addition to this, players can now build a full-scale Fleet Holding on the joint colony that the Lukari/Kentari call home. This is the first Holding since Starbases to feature five full tiers of progression. A “Colony Defense” event, Fleet Holding Defense Queues, tackle the Tzenkethi in space in a five-person queue, and a new Primary Specialization and Bridge Officer Class. Following in the footsteps of Geordi La Forge, the new Miracle Worker Primary Specialization allows captains to excel in engineering abilities, such as weapon enhancement and healing. They can also train their bridge officers to do the same.

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