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N.E.O Online begins closed beta

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In case you had forgotten, N.E.O Online has begun its closed beta testing today. This class-free MMORPG from PlayOMG requires no special key to get into testing, so if you’re interested, sign up and start playing today.

As a special offer, PlayOMG is offering 20,000 test points to new testers to use in the item-mall for a limited time. Special starting kits will also be handed out to all players, and players who choose to participate in all the beta events will earn a special prize to use in the official release of the game.

The Original Press Release:

PlayOMG is proud to announce the start of Closed Beta for N.E.O Online, the 3D Fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). N.E.O gives players the most control over the adventure and offers possibilities for creating characters with various professions. Those who are PlayOMG members or have social accounts such as Facebook, are all qualified to join the Closed Beta. More social accounts will be accepted in the near future. In celebration of the Closed Beta, PlayOMG will be hosting numerous events between 8th and 23rd February. The events will include:

  • Free Test Points Giveaway: 20,000 test points can be used for purchasing in the Item Mall for a limited time only.
  • Attendance Event: Players that log in will receive N.E.O Power Kit consisting of assistant items for different levels.
  • Community-based Screenshot Contest: Post your best screenshots to win prizes.
  • Website Goodies: Join the poll and get PlayOMG bonus points.
  • CB Special Prize: Those who attend all the events above will be able to get a special prize for use in official release.

N.E.O Online is a unique online game that allows players to make free choices without having any limits of classification. Players can master fighting skills by working towards the development of a warrior. For nature lovers, players can apply various manufacturing skills to live a self-sufficient life. Innovative chaos mode and fair stone reinforcement even create more versatile possibilities for adventurers. In addition, players can explore the world with mystical mounts and pets. Using the exclusive technique of fabric dying, players can change colors of outfits to show off personal style. All these features contribute to an exceptional gaming experience in the world of N.E.O, a fun and relaxed place to escape to. Learn more about N.E.O Online and sign up for a free trial at:

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