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Oceans & Empires celebrates New Autumn Update

JoyCity celebrates a huge update for Oceans & Empires in the “Autumn Welcome Update” with a variety of updates to make the game better. The first update offers a store for the Grand Arena. “The Grand Arena Shop” a special shop which is a 1:1 PVP system that was added in the last update. In this shop, players can purchase a variety of items using Arena Seals, like Ship Skins. There are three presently, ‘Turtle Ship’, ‘Atakebune’, and ‘Oseberg’ which are all historic ships. In addition, Seasonal Equipment can be bought, usable for two weeks. Also, a new system, ‘Title System’, has been added as well. Users can collect specific Titles when they accomplish ‘Title Acquirement Quest’, and get different buffs from each Title. When a player equips a title, characteristic Title Icon and Chat Frame will be applied.

Improvements were made to the ‘Marigold Event UI’, ‘bookmark’ and ‘balance for Plunder’ with the aim of diversity for players. There will be various events rolling out starting on September 30th to celebrate its update and Autumn Welcoming. Incredible awards await players!

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