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Duty of Sentinel: Eclosion Update Announced Today

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Duty of Sentinel

Duty of Sentinel Studios has made lots of changes in their turn-based strategic role-playing game Duty of Sentinel (referred to as DoS below), which cover a brand new feature “Eclosion”, two new events, and some small optimizations.

After wisp’s debut (wisp is a new card that can be used as Sacrifice Card for any card), another new entry is added to DoS’s encyclopedia: Eclosion. Eclosion refers to the process of a hero breaking the growth bottleneck, evolving into a higher stage, which will bring stunning qualitative change to all properties of the hero.

Is Eclosion difficult? The answer is a big yes. If you want to make a hero elcose, you need to level him (her) up to the required level, compound the hero card successfully for certain times, prepare enough Eclosion materials (random drop at Boss Levels of Dungeons) and coins. However, though difficult, all the efforts are worthwhile – you can go further with your favorite heroes, including the white heroes that have accompanied you through your early adventures.

Eclosed heroes can’t eclose again but can be compounded. To compound eclosed heroes, you need one special hero: Eclosion Wisp. You can buy Soul of Eclosion Wisp in the Arena Store and then follow the clue to find it. Yes, Eclosion Wisp is similar to other wisps. They’re not only a new type of hero, but also a door to freedom and variety.

New Events

All the events below will be added to your schedule:
Heroes’ Test: challenge different types of blue heroes to increase your heroes’ growth rate.
Rob Scourge’s Vault: rob the Scourge’s Vault regularly to feed your wallet.

Other Changes in the Camp

1. Changed the battle background for Burning Throat;
2. Added reputation points into daily quests’ rewards;
3. Added better reputation reward, including talent points and diamonds.

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