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E3 2015 Presence Announced for Super Dungeon Bros

E3 2015 Presence Announced for Super Dungeon Bros Video Thumbnail

Wired Productions, an established independent digital games publisher, today announced that Super Dungeon Bros, an over-the-top, rock-themed co-op dungeon brawler, will be shown at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles in the South Hall, room #3054 with never-before-seen content.
Revealed earlier this year at GDC, Super Dungeon Bros is an up-to-4-player dungeon brawler that features compelling action RPG style gameplay with a signature hard rock twist. A brand new demo will be playable at E3, featuring new dungeons, new traps and puzzles (which scale depending on the number of players), loads of new enemies, additional weapon options, the yet-to-be-seen “bro banter system,” and much more, all wrapped up in the game’s over-the-top co-op gameplay. Top team members from developer React Games and publisher Wired Productions will also be on-hand for interviews and to answer questions, including React Games’ Brad Moss, President, Producer, and Lead Designer, and Tyler LaGrange, Technical Director.
In development for PS4, Xbox One, Steam (PC/Mac), and Windows 10, Super Dungeon Bros promises a top-notch co-op experience complete with amazing visuals and fantastically fun gameplay, and supports cross-device multiplayer compatibility between the PS4 and Steam versions as well as between the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions.

In Super Dungeon Bros, a band of mighty rock bros must navigate the medieval fantasy realm of Rökheim and its hellish dungeons to seek out epic loot, fight hordes of evil undead and uncover the legends of long lost fabled Rock Stars! Play on or offline with up to four bros as you take on the roles of heavy metal heroes; Axl, Ozzie, Freddie, and Lars and embark on a quest from the gods of rock.

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