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APB Vendetta Revealed at GDC

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Reloaded Productions®, a leading developer of massively multiplayer online games, announced APB Vendetta, a companion title to the blockbuster hit APB Reloaded at this year’s Game Developer Conference. Currently in early development, the upcoming game combines the fast-paced gameplay of a modern FPS with the insane freedom of movement seen in John Woo and “Heroic Bloodshed” genre movies, backed by a deep community and mod-sharing system.

APB Vendetta features asymmetric dual-wielding, slow-motion, melee combat and a combo system that encourages players to perform stylish takedowns utilizing character-specific finishing moves. Sliding, diving, wall-running and performing parkour-like acrobatics while racking up match bonus points is core to the gameplay.

“When we began exploring our next project we decided to start from a core vision of a high-agility, highly responsive game system, inspired by the ethos of Ringo Lam and John Woo style ‘Gun-Fu’ and then we added a fighting game character aesthetic,” said Reloaded Games’ CEO Bjorn Book-Larsson. “We also wanted to create a product that addressed requests by players who prefer to simply pay upfront for the full competitive game to get all the content in one go, and then let players treat their game-wide modifications more like Open Source modifications that can be shared freely in the community.”

In contrast with its free2play MMO predecessor APB Reloaded, APB Vendetta is a pay once game that delivers the player all the content upfront as well as empowering players the tools to create entire game mods that can then be shared with other gamers in the Vendetta Community System. Scheduled to first launch on PC, with long range plans for a PlayStation®4 port, APB Vendetta is a multiplayer action arena FPS that allows players to select one of 12 different characters with ties to the APB Reloaded universe with storylines tied to the events of the fictional city of San Paro.

“We have 50 page threads on the original APB Reloaded forums discussing in detail how to try to mod APB Reloaded,” said Reloaded Productions Managing Director Michael Boniface. “Therefore part of the goal was to actually give players a real product that in fact was built to be modded.” Upon launch, the game features private server support for players looking to create a custom gaming experiences. Using the included modding tools players will be able to manage and share their unique take on the game. Servers will be tracked and ranked by popularity and the system will also provide a method for very popular mods to become their own stand-alone hubs within the game.

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